The End of a Race Season

2021 Race season was absolutely amazing. We came into the season with only 5 races left and we did as much as we could to prove ourselves on the track. In our 3rd race ever we managed to place 4th which we are more then happy with for our 3rd race EVER. 

The last race of the year we competed in was on October 3rd! We were in fourth and having a really good race for the first 24 laps until we came into corner 1 and 2 on the mid-high line and got completely wrecked. The Driver on the low line who decided to steer right into our rear left fender, sending the car into a 180 and sliding up the track towards the wall to then get hit on the rear left fender again by another car coming head on to us. it all happened in a bout .5 seconds and we were sitting in the track spun around with the rear left wheel looking like a taco. 

Although we could finish the race and the crash was very unfortunate we still managed to pull the good out of it. It was one the coolest experiences ever and something that we will never forget, the amount of adrenaline when the hit happened in unexplainable. There was so much adrenaline pumping through my blood that I could hardly stand after we pulled the car into the pits, it was surreal. To quote the experienced drivers after first crash "welcome to racing kid".

huge shoutout to The Penticton Speedway and all of the drivers and pit members in the hornet series, you all truly made this experience amazing for us at DevilBomb.